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Here are a few examples of some of the parts we have produced.

CNC custom parts gallery Sai Global ISO 9001 Quality

Precision CNC Machining in Langley

Dakron Industries has over twelve years of industry experience in CNC machining. We started out as a small machine shop with just one piece of equipment. Over the years, our company has grown into a successful CNC Machine shop in Langley with vast capabilities. Our reputation for quality and precision is no mistake.

Quality CNC Machining in Langley

Quality Assurance

At Dakron Industries, we take the utmost pride in our commitment to complete quality assurance. We are continuously seeking new ways to advance our quality control measures and improve upon our system standards. Our measuring room, equipment and refined inspection processes are designed to achieve an unsurpassed accuracy across all projects. Through the use of a CMM, we can supply complete statistical reports, specific quality requests and full inspection reports to meet exact ISO requirements.

Assessment & CNC Prototyping

If you’re looking to bring your complex design to life, look no further than our one stop manufacturing solution. We work closely with OEM’s and other engineers to make sure we engineer and design a cost effective solution that will allow businesses to lower costs and increase profits.

We’re able to prototype your complex part and produce it in short run quantities. If you have an existing CAD/CAM file or CNC program, the CNC prototyping process can proceed with relative ease. However, if all you have is a rough idea, we’ll take your sketch and run with it as well. We can provide design assistance, engineering assistance, determine the manufacturability of the component, and recommend the best material for your part. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience to walk you through these initial steps with confidence and clarity.

CNC Machining & Production

Precision machining is essential to modern industries that require parts with tight tolerances. CNC Machining parts with such high precision requires both experience and advanced technology & equipment .

Our CNC Milling & Turning services are completed for our local British Columbia customers as well as clients across North America. We follow CAD specifications in order to produce on-of-a-kind parts for a variety of client needs. Computer controlled lathes, mills, and grinders are used to create a variety of parts. The benefit of this controlled production technique is the result: large volumes of intricate parts with the same accurate result throughout production.

Our highly repeatable machining process is maintained regularly and rigorously tested to ensure a perfect final product.

Assembly & Quality Control

We manufacture, assemble and package as per our customer’s requirement and can ship directly to the customer or designated distribution centres. Assembled units can be delivered at a set rate or on a release basis. By opting for completed contract manufacturing units, customers can significantly reduce raw material and finished product inventory costs associated with specific units.

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