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Part Gallery

Here are a few examples of some of the parts we have produced.

CNC custom parts gallery

CNC Machine Shop in Surrey & Langley

With over twelve years of valuable industry experience of CNC machining, Dakron Industries is a machine shop that focuses on producing very accurate and precise parts.  Based out of Surrey, British Columbia, Dakron has grown in size and capacity to meet the increasing demands of clients & customers, offering a complete range of services suited to meet precise close tolerance requirements (as close as +/- .0001x).

Quality Machine Shop in Surrey BC

A Reputation for Quality

Meticulous attention to detail has led to an unmistakable reputation for quality. Since our initial founding, Dakron Industries machine shop has grown in size and capacity, but our dedication to the highest quality standards has remained unchanged. Upon final production, we can deliver part inspection reports catered to your specific requirements, whether they are ISO or driven by company policy. Similarly, material certificates are also available for all materials.

Quality begins with management staff, is executed by precise machinists & equipment, and is completed with a contentious quality assurance review.

Quality Assurance

At Dakron Industries, we take the utmost pride in our commitment to complete quality assurance. We are continuously seeking new ways to advance our quality control measures and improve upon our system standards. Our measuring room, equipment and refined inspection processes are designed to achieve an unsurpassed accuracy across all projects. Through the use of a CMM, we can supply complete statistical reports, specific quality requests and full inspection reports to meet exact ISO requirements.

Our Technical Capacities

We have invested heavily in reliable Japanese equipment, allowing us to offer the most precise manufactured components. Specifically, we use two vertical Matsuura machining centers. Of these, one has a full forth axis and the other is equipped with an automated pallet changer. In addition, we also have a Nakamura turning center with tool setter and high-pressure coolant. Our current capabilities allow us to produce parts & components with complex profiles and very high tolerance features.

Milling Machines

Matsuura Hplus 300 4 axis Horizontal
with 5 pallet delivery system
19.68 x 19.68 x x19.68, 15,000rpm

Matsuura Hplus 300 4 axis Horizontal
with 15 pallet delivery system
19.68 x 22.04 x 19.68

Matsuura MC800 Vertical machining center
with full 4th axis
32” x 16” x 24”

Matsuura RA II F Vertical machining center
with pallet changer
24” x 15” x 24”

Turning Equipment

Nakamura Tome Turning Center
Material capacity = 11” diameter x 19” long and 2.5” through the spindle

Swiss Turning
Capabilities up to 1.25" diameter bar stock

  • Standard Machine Support Equipment
  • Computer Program Technology
  • Certified Inspection Equipment

Our Material Capabilities

We machine many different kinds of material, from pre-hardened stainless and hastoloy to titanium and brass. Specifically, in addition to many of the industry standard materials, we also have experience working with the following:

  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Alloy Steels
  • Copper
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